Included with The Standard Service Bundle

Data Encryption

Encrypt all the data at-rest on PCs and Mobile Devices.

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SMBsecure™ enables encryption methods native to your operating system for securing the data at rest on PC & Mobile Devices.

  • Ensures seamless encryption for your data at rest
  • Get persistent BitLocker Volume level encryption on PC
  • Fully managed key control, key backup & key retrieval
  • Realtime encryption risk monitoring for your convenience
PDF Email Encryption

Secure PDF email encryption inside Microsoft Outlook® on Windows PC.

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When sending e-mails containing any personal or sensitive data using Microsoft Outlook® on your PC, SMBsecure™ can automatically send it with secure end-to-end encryption.

    • As Sender you are the Responsible Party, so the onus is on you to secure
    • Send as password-protected PDF, just as the banks do!
    • Flexible options to send data securely
    • Avoid 3rd party data exposure
    • Earn trust and demonstrate effective security
    • Be compliant with POPIA, PI, VAT Act, etc, which require safe custody of personal/customer data
      Lock / Kill / Locate

      Have a lost device remotely locked or a stolen device remotely killed.

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      When a PC or mobile is lost, stolen or compromised, the SMBsecure™ service admin can:
      • Kill a stolen device immediately
      • Quarantine data access until correct access can be confirmed
      • Push cloud initiated actions to the device
      • View the last known location of the PC or Mobile device
      Device Access

      Lock access to the PC hard-drive and mobile device to protect the data and apps on them. 

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      SMBsecure™ applies additional security controls for added protection.
      • Prevent unauthorised access to your PC/Mobile if lost or stolen
      • Have a drive-lock passcode on your PC and a password-policy on your mobile device.
      • Block removable USB storage drives on PCs (on-request)
      • Auto provision organisational WiFi by SSID on mobiles (on-request)
      • Verify user logins on PCs with SMBsecure™ 2FA with the Advanced Tier
      Phishing Defence with Check4Phish™

      For attempts that slip through email filters, we back users with this free service to inspect (suspicious) emails for phishing or scamming.

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      Our Check4Phish™ service helps your first line of defence, the Human Layer keep secure.
      • Users' get push-button assistance for any suspicious email they've received, directly from Inside Microsoft Outlook®
      • When users are in doubt about the legitimacy of an email they've received, they can have it technically inspected (for FREE) by a real human for phishing or scamming attempts
      • SMBsecure™ backs your users' with proactive phishing defence.
      Security awareness training

      Automatically assigned education builds the frontline with awareness and vigilance about phishing, scams, strong passwords, etc.

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      SMBsecure™ upskills users to become AWARE of human & cyber risks to avoid your business becoming a victim of cyber crimes.
      • Concise and practical modules for quick learning
      • Easy access to training portal from the SMBsecure™ app inside Microsoft Outlook®
      • Reminders sent for uncompleted education modules
      • Reporting of completion and incompletion of training for employee KPI measurement

      Value added services

      POPI Toolkit

      • Affordable Access to Valuable resources for DIY POPIA compliance.
      • Easy to navigate step-by-Step wizard.
      • Intuitive manual, forms and guidance notes for Lawful Processing of Personal Data by Your Business.
      • Aids requirements demading POPI Act compliance.

        Vulnerability detection with automated patching

        • Halt exploitation with realtime OS and 3rd party application vulnerablity detection.
        • automatic high priority risk patching of OS and application software + CVE reports.
        • fully managed so zero tool fatigue.

          MFA | 2FA

          • stop a breach before is occurs!
          • Secure all or selective computer logons with 2FA.
          • Easy-to-implement & 2-minute setup.
          • Works with any Authenticator app.
          • Minimise Remote desktop (RDP) exploit.
          • Security validtion Reporting & auditing.

            Email security 

            • Achieve compliance for email security standards for your email domain.
            • DMARC reduces spoofing risks and spam.
            • mTA-STS and TLS ensures secure (encrypted) inboud communications from your recipients.
            • Meet requirements for cyber insurance.


              Need Some Answers?

              Why do we need SMBsecure™ for our PCs and Mobile Devices ?

              Knowing what information is on your PCs and Devices is an important first step to understanding why you need to protect unauthorised access to it on any lost or stolen PC or Mobile device.

              See what info your PCs and Devices retain which can be exposed if your PC or Mobile Device is lost or stolen.  Click to view our infographic.

              Give me 3 reasons to buy SMBsecure™?

              1. Mitigate risk of data exposure for any lost or stolen PC or Mobile device - backed with audit-worthy reporting.
              2. Enhance Digital Security to earn trust & remain compliant for any e-mails sent by employees from their PC which contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive/confidential data.

              3. Build up a strong awareness against phishing attacks amongst all staff members and improve the human layer of defence in your business to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.

              What is included in the service bundle?
              The SMBsecure™ “STANDARD Service Bundle” provides licensing and coverage for the following:

            • 1 Agent for Windows 10/11 PC (Windows Pro and above).
            • 1 Agent for iOS or Google Android Mobile Device.
            • 1 Plugin for Classic Outlook® on Windows PC.
            • FREE Check4Phish™ Service.
            • Automatic Security Awareness Training for 1 Assiciated User.
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            • Trials are for limited periods only.
            • Trials are limited to evaluating the Outlook® plugin for Secure PDF email encryption and the PC and Mobile agents for device encryption and security.
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