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PC & Mobile Device Encryption

SMBsecure implements the use of data encryption on PCs and Mobile devices (automatically) to secure the data on lost or stolen devices - with audit-backed proof of encryption for POPI or security validation.

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PDF Email Encryption

SMBsecure plugin for the classic Microsoft Outlook client on Windows PC provides integrated, automatic creation of password protected Secure PDF to secure correspondence (file attachments) with end-to-end encryption + unified FREE automatic and on-demand sending (and resendng) of the password by SMS.

USB Security & Encryption

SMBsecure includes port-block to mitigate risks of malware and keyloggers  being transferred (unknowingly) to user PCs via USB. Additionally, our Secure USB app encrypts and secures access to files stored on any USB drive.

Access Control

SMBsecureputs safety locks + provides admin-initiated or automatic security measures (e.g. alerts, warnings, soft or hard lockouts, kill, and locate functions) to prevent data exposure and unauthorised access on user devices (PCs / Mobiles / USB Drives).

Multi-Factor Authentication

SMBsecurefortifies access security on PCs and Windows Servers by verifying user logons with 2FA to stop a breach before it occurs. Secure against the use of weak, stolen and re-used credentials (passwords) by users - a common risk -  and prevent unauthorised access for any local or remote (RDP) computer logon.

Security Awareness Training

SMBsecureincludes proactive continuous education (modules & videos) plus phishing simulations so users become and remain AWARE & VIGILANT about cyber-related attacks and risks. Users' are your business's critical Human Firewall!


SMBsecureincorporates a one-button service inside Microsoft Outlook on PC to assist users who are in-doubt when a suspicious email is received. Just press-the-button to have it physically inspected for phishing by a human because not all emails can be blocked and some phishing attacks make it through to the inbox - ready to target your business.

Email Security Compliance

SMBsecure™ fully managed DMARC security service stops cyber criminals hijacking and impersonating your email domain that targets & defrauds recipients with phishing and business email compromise (BEC). Our service includes ongoing monitoring and tuning + a FREE monthly Domain Health Scan and report. Is your business email at-risk of impersonation (spoofing) by fraudsters? 

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Vulnerability Patching

SMBsecureoptionally provides smart vulnerability detection of OS and common 3rd party applications with automatic critical risk patching to protect your  systems against exploitation by hackers. Combat vulnerabilities and effecietly reduce your system risk. That's vRx! 

POPI Toolkit

SMBsecureprovides a valuable resource kit for DIY POPI Compliance. This ultra affordable add-on aids small businesses with a step-by-step wizard, training, templates, tools and processes for the lawful handling (processing) of personal data.

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Get Practical Layers of Protection for effective data security

All-in-One fully managed service to De-risk Your Business with Device & Email Attachment Encryption, Device Lock & Kill, Phishing Defence, Cyber Risk Awareness Education, Reporting and Proof of Data Encryption & Security Controls.

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Coverage For...

 PC + Mobile Device + Outlook Email + USB + Phishing Defence + Supply Chain Risk + Email Domain Protection + POPIA

Improve Security compliance and de-risk your business

Compels your business to process personal information lawfully and makes your business legally liable for the privacy and security of personal data.

South African Revenue Services (SARS) stipulates that VAT invoices or credit notes MUST be encrypted if sent electronically by e-mail.

Strict rules apply when processing and storing personal information of any EU and UK&I citizen, which demands proper protection/security of that data.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards requires processing of card data with due care and specifies compliance controls required by all merchants.

MISS is a standard for the minimum information security measures for sensitive or classified information to protect national security. Cabinet approved it on 04 December 1996 and made it a national information security policy.


Criminals want your data & money. remain protected everywhere you go. 24x7

Scramble the data on your PC hard drive, mobile device & when sending sensitive e-mails to ensure no one can access it without a key. 

Implement measures and controls to mitigate risk of data exposure and unauthorised access to your data, portals and systems.

Apply adequate protection to shield data from dangers of attack, theft and regulatory non-compliance.

Build a barrier between criminals and your data to keep your business from becoming a victim of cyber crimes.